We're looking for 5 artists who want to double their focus in the next 30 days while learning how to sell their art.

This is what I have available. I have Facebook Instagram available. So let’s do a painting a day.

I’m stuck home for four weeks. Let’s do a painting a day and post it with the price a little story to go with it.

This is my seventh day of posting two of those paintings are spoken for and will be delivered when this is done. And I got one commission.

You got a commission too?

Yup. Yup.

Artists Michelle Thomson

The Silver Lining is I ended up making more money this week off of streaming.

Then I would have made at all of the gigs that got cancelled.

Yay! Take that iTunes.

Musician Scott Foster

I actually sold two paintings.

Artist Anya Warda

Sacramento, California

My first painting was sold and the same person asked me to do a commission and I was like, Oh, this is happening.

Artist Jina Kim

Raleigh, North Carolina

To be clear what it’s now, it’s April 8, 2020, and you’re securing a you’re the process of securing another big commission?


Okay. So people are selling art right now. I know that it’s a very uncertain time. I know a few people feel upset but there are people who are selling art. I just want you to know that.

Artist Angie Smith

Vienna, Austria

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Copyright 2020 Ann Rea | All rights reserved