Sell Your Art Without Feeling Like A Sell-Out

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1. We make a living. We don't just make art.
2. We plan for success. We don't just dream of success.

3. We get paid upfront. We don't discount our art.
4. Our “product” is emotion. We don't sell goods or services.
5. We inspire. We don’t use sleazy sales tactics.
6. We are part of a supportive savvy community.
We don’t compete with other artists.
7. We serve our niche. We don't enter art contests or work for free.
8. We build businesses. We don’t build art careers.

The MAKING Art Making MONEY Program

Learn what they don't teach you in art school and what they can't teach you in business school

with lessons that take lessons less than 5 minutes each 


You'll graduate once you've earned back your tuition investment, at a minimum, through the sale of your art during your final project.

Find Your Unique Niche

Stop competing with other artists and start serving your unique niche.

Stop Trying To Sell Yourself

Stop trying to "sell yourself" and start guiding authentic conversations that inspire; perfect for introverts.

Master The Proven 8-Part Process

Stop hoping to sell your art and start planning to sell it using a proven eight-part process.

Watching my friend Angela face stage-four breast cancer made me realize that I needed to turn my "dream" of being a successful artist into a plan. "Someday" turned into today.

I moved to San Francisco determined to be a successful full-time artist. sold $103,246 of my art art during my first year with no connections.


Artist & Mentor


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Join the leading foundational business and marketing program for established and emerging independent fine artists and artisans from 17 countries, and counting, in a supportive and collaborative community that is free of jealousy, competitiveness, and snobbery.
Abstract Artists
Conceptual Artists
Digital Artists
Equine Painters
Fabric Designers
Fiber Artists
Found Object Artists
Glass Artists
Graphic Designers
Jewelry Designers
Landscape Painters
Mixed Media Artists
Mosaic Artists
Pastel Artists
Portrait Painters

And more...

Students from 18 countries and counting

Learn At Your Pace

The program starts as soon as you enroll. You'll have access to the program for an entire year!  Your journey is self-paced. Learn at your rhythm and pace.
No pressure. No deadlines. 24/7 access

Gain Expert Guidance

You'll have direct access to my mentorship through our private FaceBook group and during our live online classes.

I have vested interest in my students' success.

Make New Friends

You'll meet with Study Partners, of your choosing, via video calls, and you’ll make new friends who can encourage you, hold you accountable, and celebrate with you.
Join a warm, welcoming, supportive community.

The Art Establishment's 3 BIG Fat Lies

Lie #1 - Just Focus On Making Art

The art establishment tells artists that we should just focus on making art and they will take care of all of the business mumbo jumbo. But they don't and they won't.

Lie #2 - Your Art Should Sell Itself

Get real. Nothing sells itself. But if you believe this, then you'll approach your art like a hobby, and you won't compete with the art establishment.

Lie #3 - Artists are Discovered

You wouldn't be reading this if you believed that a fairy princess was trying to find you so that she could sell your art.


What Will You Need to Succeed As An Artist? 

Do You Have A Proven Plan?

Do You Have Support?

Trying to sell your art by yourself is too hard, too lonely, and it’s no dang fun. If you're around artists who are jealous and competitive, you need to make new friends.

Do You Have Focus and Confidence?

On a scale of 1 to 10 the average student experiences and an increase in their level of focus and self-confidence from and from 2.5 to over an 8. and focus.


Would you build a house without a blueprint? You can’t sell your art without a plan. You’ll learn The Proven 8-Part Plan that I used to sell $103,246 of my art during my first year selling my art full-time.


Imagine knowing how to value, price, and sell your art without feeling like a sell-out.

Imagine learning at your own pace and your schedule and being able to study online, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Imagine making new friends from 18 different countries and celebrating and supporting each other.

Imagine having the guidance and expert mentorship from a successful artist who wants you to succeed.

Imagine earning back your tuition investment, at a minimum, through the sale of your art during your final project.

Imagine where you will be one year from today after you enroll right now.

Tuition Options

The best investment that you can make is in yourself.

Your "someday" is TODAY. Enroll now.






Billed Annually

5 active project
10GB space


No Credit Card Required




Cost Free Forever

1 active project
100mb space


No Credit Card Required






Please note. Tuition is increasing to $4998






Please note. Tuition is increasing to three payments of $1798.

My intern graduated with over $2000,000 of debt to finance her Bachelors of Fine Art. Even though she paid over $3000 for a "career course," she had no idea how to make a living as an artist.

For 30% less than she paid for one course, I created a comprehensive program of eight courses based on my proven and practical experience selling my art.

My students don't graduate until they earn their tuition back, at a minimum, through the sale of their art during their final project.


Artist & Mentor

What's Included?

Eight Step by Step Courses

Learn how to apply The Proven 8-Part Road Map with eight courses, 135 brief lessons, and lectures. These are not academic theories but practical steps to selling your art.

 Learn Anywhere and Anytime 

You can study anytime, anywhere with online access. Learn at your convenience and your pace. It's easy to slot into your schedule and lifestyle.

Learn From Other Leading Experts

You’ll learn from twelve leading experts in Creativity, Social Media Marketing, Productivity, Stress Reduction, Copyright Law, Copyright Principles, Branding, Creative Business Building, Online Sales, Business Growth, Attaining Goals, and Networking. Gain additional expertise and perspective from people who support this program.


What's Else Is Included?

Do it because it will be the best decision that you've ever made and it will change your life.

-Felisa Massey, Orlando, FL

Access to Vital Planning Tools

You’ll get five vital planning tools including:

  1. The Vision Shaper
  2. The One-Page Plan
  3. The Fan Plan
  4. The Art of the Start Grid
  5. The Milestone Map

Access for An Entire Year

You’ll get on-going access for an entire year! If some reason you need longer, you may extend your annual membership for $498 and gain access to new lessons and strategies.

Direct Access to Me!

You’ll have direct on-going access to me through our private FaceBook group and via our live recorded on-line meetings. Once you've completed the courses and passed your Knowledge Check you’ll get a private 50-minute one-on-one Monday phone consultation with me.


How Does it Work?

The MAKING Art Making MONEY Program

The Proven 8-Part Program to Selling Your Art Without Feeling Like A Sell-Out
Course 0
Orientation. Learn three vitals strategies to succeed in this program.
Course 1
Accomplishing. Learn how to accomplish SMARTER goals. 
Course 2

VisioningDetermine your creative purpose, your "Why." 

Course 3

Valuing. Determine who will buy your art, your niche. 

Course 5
Targeting. Learn how to target your market online and offline.
Course 4

Dealing. Learn how to use five vital one-page planning tools.

Course 6
Selling. Learn how to guide authentic conversations that inspire.
Course 7
Copyrighting. Claim and protect your intellectual property.
Course 8
Profiting. Create a clear and grounded relationship with money.

Why did I fire my art representatives? They wouldn't allow me to sell my art or even list my prices on my website. They only consigned my art and didn't sell much. They wouldn't allow me to work with other art galleries without their permission. I was paid less than 50% on each sale, and they discounted my prices. They damaged my art and frames. Most importantly, they prevented me from contacting collectors so that I could ask for referrals, which typically produce about 85% of all new sales. I lost so many sales and opportunities because of these common onerous terms.


Artist & Mentor

How Is This Program Different?

Created By A Successful Artist

Accountability With Support

Unlike other courses, you're accountable because you must earn back your tuition investment, at a minimum, through the sale of your art during your final project.

An Innovation in Education

Unlike other courses, Inc. magazine features this program as a new model of education.


Unlike most courses for artists that are produced by non-artists, this is a comprehensive and relatable program created by an experienced and successful artist for artists.

You can earn back money but never your time.
If there's something you want to do, do it now.


Artist & Mentor

Is it easy to sell your art? We know that it's not.

Is it possible? Absolutely!


Artist & Mentor


No-risk with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.


Doing the same things but hoping for different results.

3 Steps To Success

If It's Scheduled Then, It's Real

Schedule an appointment to learn that starts on-time and ends on-time by examining your existing commitments and choosing an optimal time to learn and choose Accountability Partners in our program.

Find Study Partners

Even if you’re shy or introverted, you’ll be so glad you made new friends. You don’t have to meet with anyone that you don’t want to. Just build your support network.

80% Psychology + 20% Strategy

Your success is 80% psychology and 20% strategy. Famed performance psychologist Dr. George Pratt supports this program, so he's created a four-minute daily exercise for us.


You're Ready To Enroll If:

You're Willing To Trust The Process

You Want to Make Some Friends

You want to join a warm, welcoming, non-competitive environment.

You Want A New Perspective

Before you can change your results, you must change your thinking.  Releasing self-limiting beliefs and behaviors will optimize your performance.


You’re willing to trust a proven process, follow the directions carefully, and ask for help if you need it. 

You're Not Ready If:

You Can't Let Go Of Skepticism

Sometimes skepticism is warranted. But if you're unwilling to suspend dubiousness and doubts even with a 30-day no risk money back guarantee, you're not ready.

You Want to Compete With Artists

This program is not about competition. It's about collaborating and sharing within a warm, friendly, and intelligent community. We are art agnostic so we don't show or critique art.

You're Looking to Get Rich Quick

If you are looking to get rich quickly, there are much easier ways to do this than selling your art.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I can't stay focused?

2. Do I need a body of work?

You do not need a “body of work” to enroll. It's better to gain focus and confidence program that will inspire your art.

3. Do I need to change my style?

You need to stay in your creative lane and become more of who you are and serve a target market by creating value above and beyond you art.


The average graduate triples their focus increasing from 2.5 to 8, so they get much more done with far less time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

4. What if I can't afford it?

How much have you spent on:

  • learning how to make art?
  • art supplies?
  • art contests?
  • memberships?

Stop spending and start investing.

5. What if I'm not tech savvy?

If you can use Facebook, watch a video, and use email, then you have all the tech savvy that you need for this program.

6. What if I'm too old or too young?

I have students who are under 20 years old and over 80. Age is a state of mind and a limitation only if you make it one.   Still have questions?  Email Us:

 [email protected]


It's so, so much more than a business course because you just learn more about yourself, more about your art, more about your reasons for creating your art, and more about who your art is for. So, it all comes together."

-Dorothy McPartland, Artist, Farmingdale, New York

Sign up. I mean this is the best gift you can give yourself.

-Khadeeja Sheikh, London, England

You know you practice what you preach. Seriously. This is honestly this is the best piece of education I think I've ever had. 

-Rick Midler, Artist, New York, New York

"When you are clear on what value you can provide, because when you're clear on your Why or your mission, because it's so much bigger than you, and there's no way you can feel small anymore."

-Lucy Chen, Portrait Painter, Sydney, Australia

"I've seen a lot of great results from the things I've learned."

-Laurel Greenfield, Food Artist, Boston, Massachusetts

"Pfffff! Get off the fence you drongo! Invest in yourself...No one is going to give you anything."

-Sam Shennan, Fine Art Illustrator, Sydney, Australia

"This has been one of the best decisions of my whole life to work with Ann."       

-Daniel Barrett, Music Producer, Austin, Texas

"You are teaching us how to tap into our highest potential."    

-Leslie Goldman, South Orange, New Jersey

"This turns business speak into art speak and art speak into business speak."

-Peter Cimpoe, British Columbia, Canada

"Even before having signed up, I knew that this was the right thing to do."

-Lydia Mallison-Jones, Artist, Kansas City, Kansas

"It's just a feeling that we're all in this together."

-Carolyn Rose Forrester, Artist, Coldwater, Ohio

Why don't you invest in yourself?

-Jill Mueller, Washoe City, Nevada

Thank you for giving us this opportunity and creating this amazing program because you’re changing lives which I know is what you wanted to do but I’m just letting you know you’re actually doing it.

-Debra Hillard, Artist, Phoenix, Arizona


Sell Your Art
without feeling like a sell-out.

Learn what they don't teach you in art school and what they can't teach you in business school.

Still have questions? 

Email us

 [email protected]

I have students who are under 20 years old and over 80. Age is a state of mind and a limitation only if you make it one.   


Sell Your Art