How did Artist Eric Friedensohn turn destruction into optimism

QUESTION: 00:03 Artist: Eric Friedensohn; New York, New York, USA QUESTION: 00:04 How do you answer, “What do you do?” Eric Friedensohn: 00:03 I am an artist and graphic designer and I let them kind of respond to me if they have more questions and then if they’re curious, I’d go into the fact that […]

How can artists overcome scarcity thinking?

Artist; Nathalie Almo Daigle; Montreal, Canada QUESTION:                         What were your top two challenges? Nathalie Almo Daigle:     Before I took the course, I had a lack of focus. I was scattered and I was not focusing on my art because I am not just working on my art, I have another job also. That was the […]

Does perfectionism kill your art?

Artist: Kathryn Woodside Ralli; New York, New York, USA QUESTION: What were your biggest challenges? Kathryn : I had no idea who to approach, how to approach them, how to sell my art. I know that’s more than two, but I think you get the idea. I really didn’t have any clear direction. QUESTION: What […]

How can artists sell their art and feel authentic?

Artists: Asha Menghranjani; Oakland, California, USA QUESTION: What was your top challenge? Asha: I couldn’t focus. I had been doing my business for over 20 years, but I couldn’t hit it on the spot. Something was missing and I couldn’t tell what it was because I was looking in so many different directions and I […]

Can you find your Why as an artist?

Artist: Kimberly Green; Troy, Ohio, USA QUESTION: What was your biggest challenge? Kimberly Green: Knowledge. I didn’t have any knowledge whatsoever of the industry at all. I grew up doing art on my own and had no professional schooling other than elementary, junior high and high school. Anything beyond that was just not there. QUESTION: […]