How can an artist connect with collectors, authentically?

How can an artist connect with collectors, authentically?

QUESTION: 00:04 Artist: Jina Kim, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA QUESTION: 00:05 What were your challenges? Jina Kim: 00:05 Confidence, and talking to people. QUESTION: 00:12 What about talking to people? Jina Kim: 00:12 I think it was a fear that the other person might not like me or the other person might not want to […]

How can an artist sell their art without selling themselves?

QUESTION: 00:04 Artist: Leah Smithson; Los Angeles, California, USA QUESTION: 00:04 What were your challenges? Leah Smithson: 00:04 I knew kind of like an outline of things that I wanted to do and that maybe I should do, but I didn’t know where to start first, what order to do things in. And I wasn’t […]

What are art professors learning about selling art?

Artist Jennifer Printz; Roanoke, Virginia QUESTION: What was your biggest challenge? Jennifer Printz: My top challenge is sales. I knew that a lot of that challenge had to do with just making the intention and going through with the actual sales part. QUESTION: Have you “shown” your art? Jennifer Printz: I’ve shown my work a […]

Artist In Residency Programs – Think Twice

Artist: Martine Lemieux; Montreal, Quebec, Canada QUESTION: What happens if you’re not confident? Martine Lemieux: When you’re not confident in yourself, then I guess it shows and also you’re not showing the best of yourself. So it’s not going to be attracting other people. So it’s harder to sell your art because you’re lacking. You […]

Artist’s Blue Ocean Strategies

Join Us “Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” – Andy Warhol Apply Now Most artists are trained in art school to swim with the sharks in an ocean of blood unconsciously competing for the scarce kill. But only a few will ever feed. The alternative is […]