Can you sell your art in an Art Cooperative gallery?

Artist: Cynthia Law; Garden Grove, California, USA QUESTION:                         What were your challenges? Cynthia Law:                      To sell my work and get more people to buy my work. QUESTION:                         What have you tried? Cynthia Law:                      For the past few years I’ve been in, not too often, but I was in some art shows or one-day shows, but […]

How do people try to scam artists?

Artist: Sam Bowen; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA QUESTION: What did you want to learn? Sam Bowen: Better relating to the potential client, or let’s say better targeting the right clients. QUESTION: What did someone want you to pay them? Sam Bowen: I received a message on LinkedIn, she wanted a certain amount, I think it’s $1,600 […]

What if your art is just a hobby?

Artist: Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey; Los Angeles, California, USA QUESTION: What were your biggest challenges? Clarissa: I just didn’t know how, like I just knew I wanted to sell my art, and I just thought, well, how am I going to do this? And that was really where I was coming from. Basically, when I was growing […]

How can artists sell their art naturally?

Artist: Rochelle Fox; New York, New York, USA QUESTION: What was your top challenge? Rochelle Fox: Knowing how to reach my audience and to connect with them about my work. QUESTION: What did you need to learn? Rochelle Fox: I’m very confident with the work that I’m doing, but when it comes to the selling […]

Where do artists start to sell their art?

Artist: Paula Tabor; Plantersville, Texas, USA QUESTION: What were your biggest challenges? Paula Tabor: Lack of focus and not knowing where to start. QUESTION: What did you do about it? Paula Tabor: I had been doing research on breaking into illustration. I’m not even a fine artist, I’m just an illustrator. Even with a slightly […]