Business Courses for Artists

Course 5. Selling

Objective: Students guide authentic conversations that inspire and how to gain over 85% more sales by correctly leveraging referrals.

How Do You Sell Your Art?

Art is a luxury.

Luxury sales is very different from conventional sales.

If you’re giving your art away to friends and family, discounting or donating it, how can you expect to sell it to affluent collectors?

Do you worry that you’re bothering people about buying your art? Being too pushy?

Maybe you don’t want to sell your art; you want a gallery to do it?

The problem with art galleries is that:

In 2005, I fired the two art galleries that were representing me.

I was an unknown artist with no connections and I moved to the coast in San Francisco.

During my first year as a full-time artist, I sold $103,246 of my art.

How do you sell your art?

You have to master the realm of Selling, the sixth of eight courses in the MAKING Art Making MONEY program where you will:

  1. Stop trying to sell your art or yourself.
  2. Start sharing your mission and guiding authentic conversations.
  3. Stop making it your goal to sell your art start making it your intention to inspire.

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By knowing how to sell your art:

By not knowing how to sell your art:

To graduate you must earn back your tuition investment, at a minimum, through the sale of your art during your final Prototype Project.

There;s nothing more affirming or inspiring to an artist than selling their art.

Is easy to sell your art?

We all know that it’s not.

Is it possible to sell your art?


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