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Realm 5- Targeting

Take less than 60 seconds now and your future-self will be forever grateful to you.  Ask your top two customers for two referrals.

Why do this? Because over 85% of your sales will come by way of referrals. But you must ask for them in the correct way.

Here’s what I say, “I love working with you and I would like to work with more people like you. Over 85% of my business comes by way of introductions. Can you think of one or two people like yourself who might also be interested in what I do?”

Top Tips

  • If you didn’t love working with them don’t ask them because they’re going to introduce you to other people like themselves.
  • Be genuine. If you didn’t love working with them say that you liked working with them. Choose your words.
  • Blame it on me. If this makes you feel like a dork then say that you have been studying with me to grow your artistic enterprise. Let them know that I have given you this quick homework assignment and that you need their help.
  • It’s about progress, not perfection.

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