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Sell Your Art

Without Feeling Like a Sell-Out

Learn How

Every year over 50,000 art students graduate from the 42 very best art schools in North America.

Annual tuition is averaging $51,327.

How many of these art students
do you think will be discovered?

Ann Rea and her paintings - Instructor at Making Art Making Money Semester

My name is Ann Rea.
I graduated from one of the very top art schools.

So I had a lot of student loan debt and I went from job to job.

I didn't make art for over a decade.

Very sad.

Then I discovered the
power of creative marketing.

I quit my job and moved to the
San Francisco coast.

I sold $103,264 of my art during
my first year as a full-time artist.

In 2005, I began teaching many different types of artists,
from across the globe,
how to sell their art.

Want to learn how to sell your art,
without feeling like a sell-out?

Learn How

p.s. We're in this together.
You'll have Study Partners so you might even make a few new friends. :)

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