Making Art Making Money FAQ

The students who fail the program:

  • don’t implement what they’ve learned
  • don’t ask for help when if they need it
  • have negative attitude and or demeanor

The program is proven but it only works if you do the work and you ask for help when and if you need it.

Please note. If you’re not friendly and coachable please do not apply to enroll. 

  • You do not need a cohesive body of work to begin the program.
  • You’ll essentially be selling your homework.
  • Students are much more inspired to make art when they discover their purpose inside the program.

Course 01

If you are the average graduate you’ll gain a three-fold increase in your level of focus and confidence. We include four-minute daily processes developed and clinically tested by expert Performance Psychologist George Pratt, Ph.D.

Course 02
You’ll learn your Why. You’ll develop a deep knowledge of your purpose and mission within a 28 days process.

Course 03
Using Ann Rea’s 4-Part Code, you’ll learn how famous artists defined their niche and see how you can too.

Course 04
You’ll define your specific art sales goal in a simple, clear, and concise one-page plan to achieve it.

Course 05
You’ll learn to focus on one proven luxury marketing process to find collectors. These prospects are 82% more likely to buy your art and spend more money.

Course 06
You’ll learn how to listen and guide prospects through seven stages of authentic and inspiring conversations in a way that works well for introverts.

Course 07
You’ll determine copyright protections available to them inside their legal jurisdictions. Then you’ll take measures to communicate and defend your copyright.

Course 08
You’ll price your art for a fair profit by calculating your:
art costs
* Consult with your tax advisor.

Course 09
During the final Prototype Project, you’ll learn why collectors purchased their art and why others didn’t.

  • You’ll test and refine your comprehension by selling your art to cover your tuition, at a minimum. *
  • You’ll have access to a warm, welcoming, global community of unlimited study partners.
  • You’ll have access to live record weekly classes.

Making Art Making Money isn’t just another online course.

Nor are we an expensive and complicated website service that will accept your money even if you don’t know your niche. If you don’t know your niche your online and offline art sales will fail.

We’re the only proven step-by-step business program that’s teaching professional fine artists how to make more money in less time and with more dignity.

We’ve been serving fine artists from 23 countries and counting since 2005.

Admission is available by application only, and that’s because we have a generous 100% no-risk guarantee.

Students enrolled in Making Art Making Money graduate by selling enough of their fine art to cover their tuition at a minimum. It’s rarely necessary, but we’ll work with students for free until they sell enough of their art to graduate. We only ask that students complete their lessons and assignments within six months, which is plenty of time. If you don’t give up, we won’t give up.

We can’t guarantee your success but what can help guarantee your failure are 40 common, ineffective, costly, time-consuming, soul-sucking, and unnecessary confidence-crushing ways to sell your fine art. 

1. art contests
2. art councils
3. art fairs
4. art galleries
5. art representatives
6. art shows
7. artist in residency programs
8. artist statements
9. Calls For Artists
10. catalog listings
11. changing genres
12. changing mediums
13. changing styles
14. chasing influencers
15. cooperative art galleries
16. online courses
17. creating new bodies without marketing or sales strategies
18. eCommerce sites
19. digital advertising
20. directory listings
21. discounting your art
22. donations
23. email newsletters
24. free bad advice
25. give away contests
26. grant programs
27. juried shows
28. low-priced reproductions
29. marketing firms
30. MFA degrees
31. NFTs, unless you know your niche
32. overcrowded online art marketplaces
33. print advertising
34. public relations agencies
35. renting gallery space
36. social media, unless you know your niche
37. searching online for answers for unvetted tips and advice
38. SEO
39. volunteers giving uninformed advice
40. vanity press

We have different programs from $498 to $17,952 but we don’t want your money unless we feel confident that we can help you.

Because we offer a 100% no-risk guarantee, enrollment is available by application only.

Students enrolled in Making Art Making Money graduate by selling enough of their art during their final project to cover their tuition, at a minimum. As featured by Inc. Magazine. 

It’s rarely necessary, but we’ll work with students for free until they sell enough of their art to graduate. We only ask that students complete their lessons and assignments within six months, which is plenty of time.

If you don’t give up, we won’t give up.

The program was originally designed as a 90-day intensive but students have access for an entire year. 

Most of our students are super busy so we employ micro-learning so our lectures and quizzes take less than five minutes.

Students can then implement what they’re learning at their own pace. 

Micro-learning is 50% more interactive and engaging to students. Transfer of knowledge is 17% more efficient.

With our mobile-enabled app, you can learn on the go and according to your schedule.

Just do the math in two minutes by clicking here and project:

  • what your current approach is costing you
  • how much more money you could be making
  • where your art sales could be five years from today

Since the pandemic, the affluent have started to invest even more money in remodeling and real estate, which means they’re buying fine art.

The affluent are also ALWAYS looking for meaning, particularly in uncertain times. Fine art inspires meaning.

Once you know what you’re doing you’ll see that it’s easier to sell a $10,000 original than it is to sell a $100 reproduction.

The affluent buy more expensive original works of art and that’s why we teach luxury marketing and sales strategies.

Please note. If you plan to sell cheap reproductions, those buyers aren’t buying, and you will struggle.

You’ll graduate by selling enough of your art during your final project to cover your tuition, at a minimum.
As featured by Inc. Magazine as an innovation in higher education.

According to the latest student survey:

  • 81% of all graduates earn back their tuition investment within the first year of enrolling.

Your success is our success.

To help ensure your success we use a defined application process so that can determine if we can help you and you can determine if you want our help. 

If we’re not confident that we can help you, we’re not going to accept you into the program.

Have you already sold your art? This is evidence that it’s possible to sell your art. It stands to reason that you could sell even more art with a:

  • proven process
  • an expert mentor
  • a warm, welcoming, and intelligent global support network


Obviously, in order for the process to work, you need to do the work. Fine art doesn’t make itself and it doesn’t sell itself.

We do not review your fine art because we’re not experts in every possible fine art genre or medium.

We do review your art sales. If you’ve sold your art then this is evidence that you could sell more with a proven process.

We designed a special 30-Day Tuition-Free Challenge Course to help new students to earn results in 30 days.

This class is only 45 minutes long, and it includes detailed step-by-step instructions. 

No promises. Many students earn their tuition back in art sales and savings within the first 90 days of enrolling.

The scarcity and permission-based art establishment forces artists to compete with one another resulting in jealousy and snobbery. 

We have a warm, welcoming intelligent global community of artists who want to see you win.

Many students feel that the community alone is worth the price of admission.

If what you’re doing it’s working and you don’t have another plan then chances are high that you will fail. 

A plan to sell your art without a plan is a plan to sell no art. 

In Course 01, Accomplishing, you’ll learn to manage your priorities and find a balance and rhythm that works best for you.

We have three built-in features to help you stick with the program.

  1. Study Partners are a vital source of support, accountability, encouragement, and friendship.
  2. We have a mobile-enabled learning platform so that you can learn on the go. Snatch five minutes of learning while waiting in line for your coffee.
  3. Students are motivated to graduate by earning back their tuition investment, at a minimum, through the sale of their art.
  • If you don’t have a clear written plan and expert support, your spouse, partner, family, or friends have justifiable concerns.
  • We invite your loved ones to ask us any questions here that we haven’t addressed.
  • You’ll see their concerns transform into pride in your accomplishments as you earn success.