Sell more fine art without

feeling pushy. an expensive eCommerce site. paying sales commissions. writing an artist statement.

Sell even more of your fine art

without feeling pushy. without a complicated eCommerce site. without paying sales commissions. without writing a cringy artist statement. without trying to sell yourself.

without feeling pushy. an expensive eCommerce site. paying sales commissions. writing a cringy artist statement.

What’s your plan?

A plan to sell your art without a plan is a plan to sell no art.

A plan to sell your art without a plan is a plan to sell no art.

Focus on one proven luxury sales strategy that generates 80% more fine art sales, on average, and keep 100% of your money.
Increase Your Fine Art Sales

Determine your niche. Learn who wants to buy your art, why they want to buy it, and where and how to find even more collectors like them.
Find and Serve Your Niche

Exponentially increase your fine art sales by focusing on authentic luxury marketing and sales strategies.
Leverage Luxury Marketing and Sales Strategies

Our Manifesto

We are not showing art. We are selling art. We are not dreaming of successful fine art careers. We are building profitable businesses. We are not giving our power away to the middleman. Our relationships equal revenue. We do not care about art critics. We care about our collectors. We do not donate or discount our art. We create more value and we get paid. We do not enter art contests or juried shows. We celebrate our niche. We do not use pushy sales tactics. We inspire. We do not compete with other fine artists. We create clear value above and beyond our art. We are not selling goods or services. Our product is emotion. We are not trying to sell ourselves. We are serving missions greater than ourselves.

– Ann Elizabeth Rea, Fine Artist & Founder

Learn what they don't teach you in art school and can't teach you in business school.


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Temi Ayodeji
Fine Artist
Dothan, Alabama

“There’s so much that goes on in my life. I’m extremely busy.”

“You’ve blessed me and thousands of other artists.”

Jina Kim,
Fine Artist
Raleigh, North Carolina

“I was literally really depressed at the time when I saw your Instagram.”

“Then I thought, this is a sign! Someone is handing me their hand and I need to grab it.”

Marie Bender,
Fine Artist
Ambler, Pennsylvania

“I remember the days of selling something for $1000 and saying, ‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.”

“I just sold my last painting for $25,000 and I’m not offering any more discounts.”

Andres Bustamante
Fine Artist
Nashville, Tennessee

“I wasn’t aligned with my purpose, with my “ikigai”, my reason for being. I was missing other pieces of the puzzle.”

“I found my purpose. You could easily be charging ten times more for this program.”

Lucy Chen
Fine Artist
Sydney, Australia

“I wasn’t clear on what kind of value that I would provide people.”

“When you are clear on your mission there’s no way you can feel small anymore.”

Manasses Machado
Fine Artist
Newhaven, England

“I was struggling basically to find my space in the market. I didn’t know exactly how to approach it.”

“If I had not enrolled, I’d probably still be doing art on evenings and weekends.”

Laurel Greenfield
Fine Artist
Boston, Massachusetts

“Not knowing where to start at all.”

“To date, I’ve made $13,470 from my art this year, more than double what I made last year. These are real steps that you can take and you can practice.”

Leah Smithson
Fine Artist
Los Angeles, California

“I didn’t know where to start first, or in what order to do things. I wasn’t sure how long to try something to know whether or not it’s working or not.”

“It would have taken me over a decade to figure this out, at least.”

Kelly Hsiao
Fine Artist
Maui, Hawaii

“My gallery was closed. I wasn’t making any sales. I was searching for collectors, searching to be seen, and just not having the confidence really in knowing what to do.”

“It’s incredible. I made almost more than twice my tuition by now. Just so many things are opening up. I’m having faith.”

100% No-Risk Guarantee

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