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to sell your art?

Making Art Making Money

90-Day Immersion Program

Gain Community

Join 23 different types of established and emerging artists, artisans, designers, and photographers from 20 countries and counting, in a warm and welcoming community free of competition, jealousy, and snobbery. You'll have Study Partners, of your choosing so that you can encourage each other and hold each other accountable. There's no limit on the number of connections you can make. You'll have access to the program for an entire year!

Experience Growth

If you are the average graduate, you will triple your level of focus and self-confidence, from 2.5 to 8, on a scale of 1 to 10.

Have Certainty

You’ll graduate once you’ve earned back your tuition investment through the sale of your art, at a minimum, during your final project. Unlike art school or business school, you get a 30-day money back guarantee, as long as you complete the first of eight courses.

Access Years of practical experience
Join 23 types of emerging and established artists
connect with study partners from 20 countries

How does it work?

graduate by selling your art

1. Apply to Enroll

Once you're prepared to enroll, schedule an application call. If it’s a good fit, you’ll immediately join the program.​

2. Meet Study Partners

You’ll connect with Study Partners, of your choosing, on video calls and start gaining encouragement and accountability.

3. Measure Your Progress

You’ll learn one small step at a time and graduate once you’ve earned back your tuition investment through the sale of your art, at a minimum, during your final project.

Invest In Yourself

Someday Is Today

Proven 8-Part Process

Don't be left behind. Join artists from twenty counties and learn a proven 8-part to sell your art. We'll test your comprehension along the way so that you can learn one simple step at a time.

Learn On The Go

Each captioned video lesson takes less than 5 minutes, giving you more time to implement what you've learned at your own pace. Our beautiful mobile app allows you to learn while you're on the go.

Gain Support

Gain a warm global support network and expert mentorship from Ann Rea. How much more time and energy do you want to spend trying to figure out how to sell your art all by yourself?

What's your approach costing you?

Starting adding up what you’re spending on  show entry and contest fees, art supplies, equipment, photography, framing, storage, art education, rent, transportation, shipping, donations, and sales commissions?

If you knew how to sell your art, how much more money could you be making?