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The only proven step-by-step business program that's been teaching professional fine artists how to make more money, in less time, with more dignity, since 2005.

* no pricey websites sales commissions art show fees advertising  art contests silly give-aways B.S.

Maybe we can help?

Admission is available by application. We typically work with fine artists who have sold at least $2500 of their art.

Complete a quick initial application. If it looks like we can help we’ll have a chat.  

Then connect with us via Instagram, Facebook  or via text 833-681-0696 if you live in the U.S. or Canada so that we can determine if we can help you.

You’ll join a warm, welcoming, intelligent global community of fine artists who want to see you win.

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Temi Ayodeji

Dothan, Alabama, USA


“Nothing that you invest in that is “expensive” would ever come back to you without yielding good fruit and your program has.

“You’ve blessed me and thousands of other artists.

Jina Kim

Raleigh, North Carolina


“I was literally really depressed at the time when I saw your Instagram and then I was like, ‘This is a sign. This is a sign! Someone is handing me their hand and I need to grab it.'”

Making Art Making Money

Andres Bustamante

Nashville, Tennessee, USA


“You could easily be charging 10 times more for this program.”

"If you've already sold your art, then it stands to reason that you could be selling even more with a proven process, expert guidance, and a warm, welcoming, and intelligent global support network."
Ann Rea
Ann Rea
Artist & Mentor

Fine artists who want to take their sales to the next level need a reliable roadmap.

Making Art Making Money is the only proven step-by-step business program for fine artists teaching how to sell more art and make more money with confidence and dignity since 2005. We’re teaching fine artists what they don’t learn in art school and what they can’t learn in business school. 

Conventional marketing strategies sell goods or services. Yet, an artist’s product is “emotion,” which is why we teach luxury art marketing and sales strategies.

We are more than a global community. We’re a movement on a mission to help fine artists take their power back from the scarcity and permission-based art establishment.

How are we different?

Making Art Making Money

100% No-Risk Guarantee​

Students enrolled in Making Art Making Money graduate by selling enough of their art during their final project to cover their tuition, at a minimum. It’s rarely necessary, but we’ll work with students for free until they sell enough of their art to graduate. We only ask that students complete their lessons and assignments within six months, which is plenty of time.

If you don't give up, we won't give up.

Please note: Admission is available by application. 


Marie Bender

Ambler, Pennsylvania, USA


“I remember the days of selling something for $1000 and saying, ‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.’

I just sold my last painting for $25,000. I’m not offering any discounts.”

Karine Guyon

Montreal, Canada


“Maybe you’ll meet a stranger in the program and they’ll become a friend?”

Making Art Making Money

Anya Ward

Sacramento, California, USA


“I have had sales every single month. I have never had that in my whole life.

This is big for me. Every month, February, March, April, and May. I sold! I made money!”

Authentic Luxury Marketing

  • Real relationships equal revenue. Referrals can generate 80% more art sales, on average, and you keep 100% of your money.
  • People referred to you are 82% more likely to buy your art and spend more money. 
  • Referrals are the foundation of luxury marketing and sales and they cost nothing.

Find Your Niche

  • Finding your niche means that you know who wants to buy your art, why they want it, and where and how to find more people like them.
  • Free yourself from unnecessary ongoing humiliating rejection. Validation comes from your art sales, not silly so-called prestigious* art contests, juried shows, or scarce art grants.
  • People who care about art care about the artist, not the middleman. 

* Prestigious comes from the Latin word “praestigiosis,” meaning “deceitful.”

More Time To Create

  • Focus on one effective luxury strategy that stands the test of time and free yourself of overwhelm.
  • Gain creative focus and freedom by serving a mission that’s greater than yourself.
  • With each art sale your motivation and inspiration grows.

Lucy Chen

Sydney, Australia


“When your are clear on your mission…there’s no way you can feel small anymore.”

Making Art Making Money

Manasses Machado

Newhaven, England


“If I had not enrolled, I’d probably would still be working, you know, like 9 to 5, 40 hours a week and just doing art on evenings and weekends basically.”

Making Art Making Money

Laurel Greenfield

Boston, Massachusetts, USA


“To date, I’ve made $13,470 from my art this year more than double what I made last year.

These are real steps that you can take and you can practice.”

"When true artists give up on their art, a part of their soul dies. Artists give up because of tragically avoidable mistakes."
Ann Rea
Ann Rea
Artist & Mentor

Mistake #1 Building an e-commerce site before knowing your niche.

  • Until you’re certain of who wants to buy your fine art, why they want it, and how and where to find more collectors, your eCommerce store will fail.
  • Complicated, overwhelming technology will suck the life out of a creative soul.
  • Giving away cheap reproductions in an attempt to build a lame email list is expensive and futile.

Mistake #2 Discounting or donating your fine art.

  • Discounting or donating your art devalues it and damages your reputation, even if it’s for a vague promise of “exposure.”

  • Collectors are already confused about the price of art. When your prices lack integrity, it places your integrity in question.

  • If you don’t feel confident in the price of your art, potential collectors can’t feel confident in your art or you.

Mistake #3 Using conventional marketing and sales strategies.

  • The affluent, not mainstream consumers, buy fine art.

  • You’re not your customer. Conventional sales and marketing strategies will fail you.

  • To sell fine art, you must know your niche and use luxury marketing and sale strategies specific to selling fine art.

Mistake #4 Acting upon inexperienced advice.

  • Acting upon cheap or free advice from people who haven’t sold fine art or even made art is an expensive and time-consuming blunder.
  • If you’re following lousy advice, you’ll become discouraged and skeptical of even sound advice.
  • Learn from people who have accomplished what you want to accomplish.

Mistake #5 Thinking that an MFA will help you earn a living.

  • Even if you’re accepted into an MFA program, you can expect to pay an average of $60,000 a year in annual tuition with few scholarships or grants.*
  • Unless you have a large trust fund, you’ll be left with inescapable student loan debt.
  • Typical art professors will not teach you to make a living from your art; they will shame you for wanting to make money.
*Annual tuition at the Rhode Island School of Design is more than Harvard Law School.

Mistake #6 Skepticism, cynism, and self-sabotage.

  • Our society expects fine artists to fail, and our culture celebrates our suffering, so we live with low expectations.
  • If you’re trying to succeed using one or more of 40 ineffective, costly, time-consuming, soul-sucking, and confidence-crushing strategies, it will stoke your skepticism, cynism, and self-sabotage.
  • If you’ve sold your art,  you can probably sell more because the affluent are still buying original works of art. 
  • How are we different?

If you could've figured all of this out by yourself, wouldn't you have done it by now?

Making Art Making Money

Leah Smithton

Los Angeles, California


“It just took a long time to realize the things that I needed.

I wish I would’ve found you sooner because it would’ve made things go a lot more quickly.”


Kelly Hsiao

Maui, Hawaii, USA


“It’s incredible. I made almost more than twice my tuition by now. Just so many things are opening up.

I’m having that faith.”

Kate Bradley

Memphis, Tennessee, USA


“The fact that you were doing it. You were successful at it and then you were able to tell me all that I needed to do.

It was just amazing.”

Ann Rea

Artist & Mentor

Ann Rea

Once upon a time, a prestigious* art school granted a hopeful 17 year old artist a scholarship. Read more

Someday Is Today

  • Imagine confidently pricing your art for profit.
  • Imagine using luxury marketing and sales strategies that can help you sell 80% more art, on average, and keep 100% of your money.
  • Imagine using the most effective, simple, low-tech strategies to sell your art online.
  • Imagine focusing on prospects who are 82% more likely to buy our art and spend more money.
  • Imagine having expert guidance and a support network inside of a warm, welcoming, and intelligent global community that wants to see you win.


  • Success demands time, focused action, and emotional fortitude.
  • You’re never going to be “discovered” and no one is coming to save you.
  • You alone are responsible for your success.
  • You’re different, so your results will be different.
  • If you’re feeling emotionally fragile, desperate for money, or looking to “get rich quick,” please look elsewhere.