– Putting trust in you is a decision, and, and.

– Right.

– I felt skeptical and nervous up to that point. I told my wife I was considering doing this. I showed her your videos and said I think I wanna do this, I’m not sure about it. Trying to have her help make up my mind for me, to do it. And then I did it, I had the phone call with you. And I didn’t tell her for a couple days. I was worried about how she would take it. And what’s interesting is digging deeper into you and what you’ve had and the artists that thrive in The MAKING Art Making MONEY Semester,” and seeing the different iterations of what is has been and seeing where it is now.

– Yeah.

– You know you practice what you preach. You know, actually it’s reversed. You preach what you practice. You, you actually are, the lesson completely is a mirror. of how you have even built the lesson itself.

– Thank you.

– Which is awesome. Yeah, and do it, this is a great course. Seriously.

– [Instructor] Okay, cool.

– You know. Honestly this is the best piece of education I think I’ve ever had. So.

– Wow! So.

– Wow!

– Hear what value you can provide. Because when you’re clear all the while on your mission because this gets so much bigger than you. And, you know there’s no way you can feel small anymore. Again, thank you for that.

– Oh, that’s awesome.

– I would say, I prayed for a mentor. I pray because nobody I knew knew any more about this than I did. You know, I had, you know, like maybe one or two friends who were really successful in the gallery business, but. You know, when I starting selling after those galleries closed on my own and started making 100 percent of the money. I had to say, I said I would never go back.

– It’s a wonderful experience. Because now, I like who I am. I trust who I am. And I’m drawing on a lifetime of experience to do this semester. I’m bringing everything I have to it. And it’s working. You know, when I get stuck I have support. I have support. Which I’ve never had before. And I have ways of moving myself through. You know, with a calmness and assuredness now that I never had before.

– I was in my studio last night just thinking about this whole conversation and really being grateful that, wow, I can now, in a moment, just put something on the, you know, on a message board. Or know that, you know, as I’m going along here I may be in my studio alone, but I’m not alone.

– You can also, now that you have the support of the students in The MAKING Art Making MONEY Semester. You can get on the Google Hangout just like this, and look at their face, and see their smile. And maybe their puppy.

– So, this is, look at this.

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