Making Art Making Money 90-Day Immersive Program

What’s new? Sorry that I’ve been away for a bit but I’ve been working on the brand new and improved Making Art Making Money® 90-Day Immersive Program. What’s new? New private online community where you can post your questions by topic and meet up with Study Partners. New live Studio hours where we meet monthly […]

Learn How To Sell Your Art without feeling like a sell-out

Where Should Start To Sell Your Art? I want artists to know that they have a choice. You can submit to the authority of the scarcity and permission-based art establishment and forever be conflicted about making art and making money, or you can join The New Creative Class and learn how to sell your art, […]

Should you work with Art Galleries? – 3 WARNINGS

Art Galleries-Helping or Hurting Artists?

Once you’ve discounted your art, you have devalued your art and you’ve damaged your reputation as an artist.   This practice doesn’t hurt art galleries at all. It just hurts you. Ann Rea Artist & Mentor Art Galleries – Hurting or Helping Artists? So obviously all art galleries are different and all art reps are […]

Art Schools – Setting Students up for Failure?

The sad irony is that too many fine art students are not only paying expensive tuition with few scholarships; they graduate emotionally and intellectually conflicted about making art and making money. Ann Rea Artist & Mentor Artists don’t get paid just to show their art; they must sell it. Art Schools-Setting Up Students To Fail […]

Art Galleries Do More Harm Than Good to Artists

One of the most vital assets for any artist is their customer list and their relationship with their customers — relationships equal revenue. Ann Rea Artist & Mentor Art Galleries Can Do More Harm Than Good Most artists are always thinking about ways to advance their “career.” They work on crafting the perfect artist statement […]