How can artists overcome scarcity thinking?

Artist; Nathalie Almo Daigle; Montreal, Canada QUESTION:                         What were your top two challenges? Nathalie Almo Daigle:     Before I took the course, I had a lack of focus. I was scattered and I was not focusing on my art because I am not just working on my art, I have another job also. That was the […]

How can artists raise money to pay for their education?

Artist Debbie Rhodes; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada QUESTION: What was your biggest challenge as an artist? Debbie Rhodes: Confidence for sure, and not knowing where my art fit in. I didn’t know where to direct my energies and even narrowing down what type of art I was doing. QUESTION: How do you feel now? Debbie […]

How can artists increase focus and self-confidence?

Artist Stephanie Fehrenbach; Waterloo, Ontario, Canada QUESTION:What was your biggest challenge as an artist? Stephanie: Clarity, I think. I have two parts of my business and I think of them as such separate things and I just, I kind of was, I was making, I’m making okay money, but I just don’t have this clear […]