Exploited Aboriginal Artists Are Fighting Back

Artist Sandra White, Perth Western Australia QUESTION: What was you top challenge? Sandra White: Redefining myself as a person through my art. QUESTION: Why is selling art important to you? Sandra White: I suppose for me being a little bit older and nearing retirement years, I want to pursue things that I love doing, Similar […]

Copyright for Artists – Why Does It Matter?

Artist: Jessica Wayne; Chicago, Illinois QUESTION: What was your challenge as an artist? Jessica Wayne: Belief that I could even make any money as an artist, and that I didn’t have to follow the system, the regular way of making art, making money as an artist, cause my background’s in graphic design, so I thought […]

What don’t you know about Copyright? What’s it costing you?

Join Us “Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” – Andy Warhol Apply Now It’s so very empowering to know your mission. My mission is to help artists sell their art without selling out. Meeting other people who share a similar mission or values ignites instant rapport. […]

Myth #6-You Do Not have to give credit to Photographers

Today I had lunch with a dear friend, let’s call him Steve, who is currently mediating a dispute between two dear friends who also are also doing business together. One friend, let’s call him Collin, is an extraordinarily talented photographer. The other friend, let’s call him Mathew, learned photography from his naturally talented friend Collin. […]