What Should Artists Do Now?

If artists keep doing the “same” things now that they’ve been doing, they won’t do well. If artists keep doing the “some” things, they won’t do well. If artists start doing the “right” things now, they will have many more opportunities to sell their art. That’s because the luxury market makes money during market ups […]

How did Artist Eric Friedensohn turn destruction into optimism

I think there’s this weight that comes with calling yourself an artist and it’s difficult to want to say that. However, we’re all creative in some way and I do make a lot of things that bleed into the art world even though there’s no hard line between design and art. Eric Friedensoh Artist, New […]

Does perfectionism kill your art?

 I think it’s in childhood for me and it’s from criticism and it extended through much of my life. It was from criticism and you just try so hard instead of really being your authentic self. Artist Kathryn Woodside Ralli Otisville, New York, USA Is Your Perfectionism Killing Your Creativity? (Transcript)   What were your […]

How can artists sell their art and feel authentic?

Artists: Asha Menghranjani; Oakland, California, USA QUESTION: What was your top challenge? Asha: I couldn’t focus. I had been doing my business for over 20 years, but I couldn’t hit it on the spot. Something was missing and I couldn’t tell what it was because I was looking in so many different directions and I […]

Can you find your Why as an artist?

Artist: Kimberly Green; Troy, Ohio, USA QUESTION: What was your biggest challenge? Kimberly Green: Knowledge. I didn’t have any knowledge whatsoever of the industry at all. I grew up doing art on my own and had no professional schooling other than elementary, junior high and high school. Anything beyond that was just not there. QUESTION: […]