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“Your seminar is the most on point marketing seminar I have seen for artists. You communicate in their vocabulary, you have credibility from your personal experience, and you are not afraid to challenge assumptions. Attendees better understand that art as a business is feasible.”

— Lee Lambert,
Alameda, CA SBDC Director

“I immediately ‘got it.’ The unique value proposition and the target market, etc.

Everything you said made total sense to me and I took it to heart.”

— Sheila Ray
Artist & client, Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Alameda, CA

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Ann Rea, Artist Business Mentor

The art and craft markets are undergoing a long overdue disruption, just like the music and publishing industries. Artists now have an alternative to the scarcity and permission based art establishment. They can join The New Creative Class. Become one of the growing numbers of global organizations who are helping artists thrive with this free live training program.

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Ann Rea
Artist &
Founder of Artists Who THRIVE