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Realm 8 – Profiting

Take less than 60 seconds now and your future-self will be forever grateful to you.  Update, review, or draft a price list.

Imagine that you walk into a restaurant. You are hungry. You ask for a menu and the host:

  • Gives you a blank stare and says “I don’t have a menu.”
  • He hands you an outdated menu. You order. He responds, “The price has gone up.” or “The price has gone down.” You’re confused.
  • Your order. He responds, “That’s sold. I was just displaying it.

Top Tips

  • Make a clear and simple price list.
  • Reduce the number of options. If you do custom work then just state your custom price formula.
  • Only include available inventory and or services.
  • Remember that a confused mind says “no.”

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