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Realm 3- Valuing

Take less than 60 seconds now and your future-self will be forever grateful to you.  Ask three of your very best customers to tell you, in one word, why they purchased your art.

Why do this? Because this will give you a deeper understanding of what is motivating your collectors and this one word can lead to a deeper conversation which could lead to referrals.

Referrals account for about 85% of a small businesses sales.

Top Tips

  • If you can ask in person that is best.
  • If you can ask on the phone that is the second best approach.
  • If you can ask via a text that is the third best approach.
  • If you can ask on via email that is the fourth best approach.
  • The point is to do it in the next 60 seconds.
  • It’s about progress, not perfection.

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