How can artists increase their focus?

Your emotional state produces their results. So if you’re experiencing a lack of focus, chances are you’re pretty frustrated. Or maybe you lack confidence, or maybe you don’t have community. Ann Rea Artist & Mentor How can artists increase their focus?​ How can artists increase their focus? Do you struggle with focus? Ann Rea (00:02):Hi, […]

How can artists increase their self-confidence?

If your confidence is low, there’s a few things that are probably going on. First of all, you’re looking for validation in the wrong places. The validation comes from a collector who values what you’ve created enough to pay you. Ann Rea Artist & Mentor How can artists increase their self-confidence?​ How can artists increase […]

Musician Making More Money Since Quarantine

The silver lining is I ended up making more money this week off of streaming than I would have made it all the gigs that got canceled. Scott Foster Musician, Salt Lake City, Utah Even Though All His Gigs Were Cancelled – This Musician Made More Money Musican Scott Foster on Making Art and Making […]

The Art of Lying to Artists

 Take care of yourself and get some trusted people in your life who are going to help remind you of your value. Ray Ross Former Music Industry Manager Know The Limits of The Scarcity and Permission-Based Music Industry The Art of Lying To Artists (Transcript) What do you know about the music industry? I’ve been […]

I’ve got an invitation for you

Since April 14, 2016, I’ve spent most of my time building the Making Art Making Money program, helping artists like you thrive by taking their power back from the scarcity and permission-based art establishment, and growing our warm, welcoming, and savvy global community, including 23 different types of established and emerging artists and artisans from […]