Learn How To Sell Your Art without feeling like a sell-out

I am on a mission to help artists take their power back from the scarcity and permission-based art establishment. My vision is to help over 10,000 artists thrive in less than ten years. It’s time for artists to take back their power. Ann Rea Artist & Mentor Dear Artist, Would you like to sell your […]

Did you Know That Saatchi Can Discount Your Art?

Saatchi Art is a popular online marketplace for emerging artists trying to sell their art. Artists join for free with high hopes of exposing their work to collectors, and to make fast, easy money. But what Saatchi Art doesn’t tell you about are the real costs that come with this “free” opportunity: If you don’t […]

Realm 7 Copyrighting

Why does copyright matter to artists? How do you protect your copyright? Do you feel that there’s nothing you can do about people stealing your copyright? Maybe copyright protections don’t exist anymore? I get it. The idea of protecting and leveraging your copyright can seem overwhelming and complicated. In 2005, I fired the few art […]

Realm 6 Selling

How Do You Sell Your Art? Art is a luxury. Luxury sales is very different from conventional sales. If you’re giving your art away to friends and family, discounting or donating it, how can you expect to sell it to affluent collectors? Do you know how to sell your art to affluent collectors? Does the […]