How do most art gallery contracts work?

QUESTION: 00:04 Artist: Valri Ary; Longwood, Florida USA QUESTION: 00:04 What changes did you need to make? Valri Ary: 00:04 I was selling online and they were taking 30% – 35%. QUESTION: 00:11 Where were you selling online? Valri Ary: 00:12 Sachi Art, Van Gogh Art, and Art Finder. QUESTION: 00:17 What else were you […]

How can an artist connect with collectors, authentically?

How can an artist connect with collectors, authentically?

QUESTION: 00:04 Artist: Jina Kim, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA QUESTION: 00:05 What were your challenges? Jina Kim: 00:05 Confidence, and talking to people. QUESTION: 00:12 What about talking to people? Jina Kim: 00:12 I think it was a fear that the other person might not like me or the other person might not want to […]

How can an artist sell their art without selling themselves?

QUESTION: 00:04 Artist: Leah Smithson; Los Angeles, California, USA QUESTION: 00:04 What were your challenges? Leah Smithson: 00:04 I knew kind of like an outline of things that I wanted to do and that maybe I should do, but I didn’t know where to start first, what order to do things in. And I wasn’t […]

Can you sell your art in an Art Cooperative gallery?

Artist: Cynthia Law; Garden Grove, California, USA QUESTION:                         What were your challenges? Cynthia Law:                      To sell my work and get more people to buy my work. QUESTION:                         What have you tried? Cynthia Law:                      For the past few years I’ve been in, not too often, but I was in some art shows or one-day shows, but […]