How Did A Fine Art Photographer Takes His Price From $0 to $5,000 In One Conversation?

First of all, you really need to believe in your worth. That’s absolutely critical.  You said learning technical expertise can be a refuge from taking responsibility, from going out and promoting your art. And bang! Ken Rivard Boston, Massachusetts Are You Discounting Your Art? (Transcript)   What were your challenges? 00:04 One of my big […]

How do most art gallery contracts work?

QUESTION: 00:04 Artist: Valri Ary; Longwood, Florida USA QUESTION: 00:04 What changes did you need to make? Valri Ary: 00:04 I was selling online and they were taking 30% – 35%. QUESTION: 00:11 Where were you selling online? Valri Ary: 00:12 Sachi Art, Van Gogh Art, and Art Finder. QUESTION: 00:17 What else were you […]

How can an artist connect with collectors, authentically?

How can an artist connect with collectors, authentically?

He said, “I have everything that I want in my life, but what I don’t have is inspiration. So now I just want to hang out with inspiring people like you. Would you accept my offer to be your friend?” He was like, “I want to continue my friendship with you just because you’re inspiring.”  […]

How can an artist sell their art without selling themselves?

Whatever information I could find about selling or luxury, they don’t really help you stay authentic. It was more of selling to versus really helping people, which is what we want to do with art too. You are really providing a service and so it just all fell into place and made sense. Artist Leah […]

Can you sell your art in an Art Cooperative gallery?

Artist: Cynthia Law; Garden Grove, California, USA QUESTION:                         What were your challenges? Cynthia Law:                      To sell my work and get more people to buy my work. QUESTION:                         What have you tried? Cynthia Law:                      For the past few years I’ve been in, not too often, but I was in some art shows or one-day shows, but […]