Confidently pricing your art saves money and time

Confidently pricing your art saves money and time


Artist Travis Krause
Greeley, Colorado

Travis Krause: (00:00)
I didn’t understand how to, how to get a profit going, you know, selling art. I mean, I had some art sales here and there. They’re very random, I guess but it’s a lot more consistent now.

Travis Krause: (00:13)
And I understand who likes to buy my artwork much better than ever before. And I feel very confident about my prices and about why I make artwork.

Travis Krause: (00:27)
And I think that’s one of the things that people coming to the program lack, is confidence. It was costing me money to not do this program.

Travis Krause: (00:34)
I was wasting money on the wrong venues and wasting my time with galleries that I had some very distasteful experiences with so I wish I would’ve done it sooner, but maybe, maybe some of that pain added to my motivation. So, but I would’ve, in hindsight, I would’ve done it sooner.

Travis Krause: (00:56)
But I found the program actually gives you, is much, in my opinion, better than a business plan. It’s a roadmap, but it’s your roadmap because everybody starts at a different place, right?

Travis Krause: (01:06)
Everybody has a different goal so it’s very personalized roadmap to get to the success that you determine as an artist. So that’s been one thing I’ve seen. They’re like, “I’m an artist. I don’t know how to make a business plan.”

Travis Krause: (01:20)
But artists are really good at understanding maps, so that gets them to where they want to go.

Ann Rea

Ann Rea, Fine Artist & Mentor

Ann Rea is a San Francisco-based fine artist. She created Making Art Making Money, the leading and most reputable business program for fine artists since 2005. Rea’s art and business savvy have been featured on ABC, HGTV, Creative Live, The Good Life Project, in the book Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields, the San Francisco Chronicle, Art Business News, Fortune, and Inc. Magazines. Rea’s artistic talent was commended by her mentor, art icon Wayne Thiebaud. 

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