QUESTION: 00:04 Artist: Jina Kim, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

QUESTION: 00:05 What were your challenges?

Jina Kim: 00:05 Confidence, and talking to people.

QUESTION: 00:12 What about talking to people?

Jina Kim: 00:12 I think it was a fear that the other person might not like me or the other person might not want to talk to me.

QUESTION: 00:23 Where did you not feel confident?

Jina Kim: 00:23 In myself. I knew I was pretty confident about my art, but just showing up somewhere and then to approach people, the confidence about myself.

QUESTION: 00:34 Did you learn a new way to connect with people?

Jina Kim: 00:35 Yes, actually. But it was not really hard. It was actually like the answer was there. I was like, why didn’t I try this before?

New Speaker: 00:55 Because you didn’t know it before.

Jina Kim: 00:55 Yeah. And I was like, oh, this is not really that hard.

QUESTION: 00:55 Is it hard to explain an artist statement?

Jina Kim: 00:55 Yes, that is hard because when I do that, I feel like I’m faking myself. So I feel like, ‘oh, what if that person finds out that I’m faking’?

QUESTION: 00:57 How did it feel to share your mission?

Jina Kim: 01:00 It was a little nerve wracking at first, but when I just started talking about it people were listening and then I was willing to listen and I didn’t edit anything, I just said my raw What. I didn’t really do anything. At first I didn’t even know that it would be related to my art. It didn’t really sound like what I’m doing with my art, but when I set my What, a lot of people linked my art and my What just automatically. They were like, oh, now I see why you’re doing the art that you’re doing right now. It was a big ‘aha moment’ for me.

QUESTION: 01:43 Do you see why I say “Just follow the directions, it’s easy”?

Jina Kim: 01:46 Now I see why. I see a lot of Facebook posts that say, ‘I don’t know, my What doesn’t make sense’ or ‘my What is not what I wanted’, but just trust it and then share it. Just share it and see what happens.

QUESTION: 02:03 What happened when you shared your mission for the first time?

Jina Kim: 02:03 I met a couple people and when I was reaching out to people, I tried to find the people who made me feel nervous the most. So I was like, I can talk to my family about my mission all the time, so I want to find people that I feel really, really nervous talking to about my art. I found a couple of people and then this person actually wanted to come to my house and see my art in person. But I knew that that person lived in a very nice environment, so I was like, but my house is a mess and it’s not fancy and I don’t have anything to offer, and other small thoughts. But the person came in and he didn’t even care about my house. He just came right in and took a look at my art. I shared my mission and he immediately said, ‘oh, so this is why you’re doing this kind of art. Now I understand.’ And that was it. Yeah.

QUESTION: 03:17 Then what happened?

Jina Kim: 03:19 He said, “I have everything that I want in my life, but what I don’t have is inspiration. So now I just want to hang out with inspiring people like you. Would you accept my offer to be your friend?” He was like, I want to continue my friendship with you just because you’re inspiring. Yeah.

QUESTION: 03:42 Do you see that you can inspire others?

Jina Kim: 03:43 Yes. And you don’t even have to come up with some fancy words to do it. You just have to be honest. This is all I can say, being honest is the best.

QUESTION: 03:57 Has the community helped you?

Jina Kim: 03:57 One study partner helped me a lot because I was in that mindset of ‘I don’t get it, I don’t know what I’m doing and what’s going on in my life and what’s going on with this program’,

New Speaker: 04:12 Did she set you straight?

Jina Kim: 04:17 Yeah. I think she was ahead of me. So she was like, just be patient and just follow through and you will definitely see what is happening, you will see the big picture later. So she helped me a lot and that was a big help.

QUESTION: 04:34 What are the two biggest lessons you have learned?

Jina Kim: 04:34 Be yourself, don’t be afraid to be yourself. And being patient. Be patient.

QUESTION: 04:45 What happens when you are not patient?

Jina Kim: 04:46 You feel anxious and you drive people away from your life and your art because people can feel your anxiety.

QUESTION: 04:58 What are two things that a lot of artists are missing?

Jina Kim: 05:00 Probably being honest. Honesty, honesty and honesty and showing their vulnerability. I guess that’s a part of honesty too.

QUESTION: 05:17 What happens when artists are inauthentic?

Jina Kim: 05:19 I have experienced with this too. I was so inauthentic with my art before this program and I didn’t even like it. I discovered why I hated talking to people, it was because I don’t want to put on the fake mask. Now I don’t have to. I am having a lot of fun meeting people now.

QUESTION: 05:39 You gained a friend just by being yourself.

Jina Kim: 05:40 I know. I know. He said ‘I want to continue a friendship with you’! That’s a big thing, and it was not because I have a fancy house or fancy anything, it was just because of who I am and my emotions.

QUESTION: 05:54 How did you learn about this program?

Jina Kim: 05:59 The Good Life Project by Jonathan Fields. I think that’s a like the first step of practice for this whole program. If you feel like this is going to help you, then just do it. Don’t be afraid.

QUESTION: 06:13 What do you think about feeling afraid but doing it anyway?

Jina Kim: 06:14 That’s like my motto. I know I’m going to be afraid, but I’m just going to do anyway. I will never find out what it is like or what’s going to happen if I don’t just do it. Yeah.

Speaker 2: 06:25 Right. I think it was a very good idea for you to say, “all right, I’ve shared my mission with my friends and family, now I’m going to go do with people that scare me. That’s perfect.

QUESTION: 06:33 Have you faced other fears?

Jina Kim: 06:37 I immigrated to United States two years ago, not even that long ago. When I decided to move here, following my husband, I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t have any money. I didn’t know what was going to happen. The only thing that I knew was that I might have a better chance here with my art then my hometown and it was so scary to leave my family and leave whatever I had it in my hometown, but I just did it anyway. The result is amazing.

QUESTION: 07:11 What if someone kept waiting to apply to this program?

Jina Kim: 07:15 That shows how you treat your art and your life. Like, ‘oh, there are things that I need to do, but I’m afraid so I’m not going to do it’. Well do you want to do it or do you want to make one step forward and just do that and then see what happens? It could be a new practice. Just do it.

QUESTION: 07:35 What do they have to lose?

Jina Kim: 07:36 Money, but I mean, that’s the money that you’re going to waste anyway someday. If you’re afraid of wasting money just do it. It’s going to be worth more than the clothes you buy.

QUESTION: 07:48 Is it worth it so far?

Jina Kim: 07:51 I know what to do to make money now. Not just getting inspired and not just the other things, but now I know what to do to make money out of my art. Tomorrow or today or right now; I know what to do.

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  1. That is great , it can be hard to connect so I am glad this made the artist more confident and reach out.
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