Perception is reality so make sure that the perception others have of you and your art is not distorted. I have written about this before but I just cannot emphasize it enough because there is such a common and unnecessary disconnect. Selling art is serious business, requiring more marketing savvy than most businesses.  If you want it to run a profitable art business then understanding that “perception is reality” is even more critical. Just like framing a painting, you want to frame your professional image.  You want a frame that that doesn’t look cheap. You want a frame that’s simple so that the focus is on your the work. And you want a frame that is carefully considered so that it elevates the art that it protects. This means that you need to manage every touch point that patrons and prospects have with your business so that you convey a positive and professional image. Some of the ways that you can convey your professionalism are:

The bottom line is this.  When you’re selling art you’re asking patrons to part with their money.  So give them reasons to feel confident with each transaction.  Professionalism is not an area that you have creative license.

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