The real cost of not knowing how to sell your fine art

The real cost of not knowing how to sell your fine art


Artist Travis Krause
Evans, Colorado

Travis Krause: (00:01)
Quit messing around and make a decision already. I’d followed you for maybe two or three years, and that was a big waste of time when I could actually been getting something done. So it’s called a cost of lost opportunities. 

Travis Krause: (00:12)
Hey, sign up now you’re going to save yourself a bunch of headaches and a bunch of trials and tribulations and start making money sooner.

Ann Rea: (00:20)
How much money do you think you may have lost by doing that? 

Travis Krause: (00:24)
I would easily say $50,000.

Ann Rea

Ann Rea, Fine Artist & Mentor

Ann Rea is a San Francisco-based fine artist. She created Making Art Making Money, the leading and most reputable business program for fine artists since 2005. Rea’s art and business savvy have been featured on ABC, HGTV, Creative Live, The Good Life Project, in the book Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields, the San Francisco Chronicle, Art Business News, Fortune, and Inc. Magazines. Rea’s artistic talent was commended by her mentor, art icon Wayne Thiebaud. 

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