Why are artist statements conversation killers?

Why are artist statements conversation killers?


Artist Travis Krause
Greeley, Colorado

Ann Rea: (00:01)
What was your perspective on talking about yourself and your work, and what you were offering before you joined the program, and what’s it like now?

Travis Krause: (01:08)
So would you write, ever, write another artist statement again, Travis?

Ann Rea: (01:13)
If you catch me writing an artist statement, you have my permission to throw me in jail. No, I will never write another artist’s statement again. I really enjoy talking to people that are real. A lot more than writing something out to an ephemeral audience that I don’t even know.

Ann Rea

Ann Rea, Fine Artist & Mentor

Ann Rea is a San Francisco-based fine artist. She created Making Art Making Money, the leading and most reputable business program for fine artists since 2005. Rea’s art and business savvy have been featured on ABC, HGTV, Creative Live, The Good Life Project, in the book Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields, the San Francisco Chronicle, Art Business News, Fortune, and Inc. Magazines. Rea’s artistic talent was commended by her mentor, art icon Wayne Thiebaud. 

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