I just returned from a conference where for the very first time I felt that I was surrounded by my tribe at the World Domination Summit in Portland. 

What is the #World Domination Summit you ask?  I think my friend Jonathan Fields summed it up best when he described it as “Woodstock for thought leaders.”

I received enough inspiration for a year’s worth of blog posts but I’ll start with a few questions Jonathan Fields posed about going after something you really want and the fear and uncertainty that may surround it.

By asking these questions you can reframe your fear and uncertainty.  When fear and uncertainty is put in it’s proper place, in check, we can move into action. 

So what’s your big desire? Would you like to sell your art full time?  Part time? Move to a new city? Ask someone out on a date?  Whatever it is that you want you can shift your perspective. Start by quieting your mind and reflecting.

Get a journal or a piece of paper and ponder your big desire. Now ask yourself?  If I do this thing, make this move, ask this person, take this perceived risk. 1. How will I recover? 2. What if I do nothing? 3. What if I succeed?

1. When I decided to move to San Francisco to paint for a living I knew that one way I could recover was to return to corporate America, start a house cleaning business, or bar tend. These where the recovery options I actually laid out for myself.

2. Doing nothing was simply no longer an option. I had witnessed the certainty of death and the possibility of it happening to me at any time. Doing nothing was only increasing my fear, anxiety, and potential regret.

3. What if I succeed?  What a thought! This was much easier to ponder once I’d answered the first two questions. Energy flows where attention goes.

Harness your attention and energy. Decide what you really want and answer these three questions in order.  Ask a friend to do the exercise with you.

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