I’m apologizing in advance; you may receive some goofy messages and errors in the next couple of weeks. Please. Bear with me. Why? Because I’ve launched an all new Artists Who THRIVE site, as you can see, and I’ve moved my on-line courses. Seem simple? I feel like I was run over by a steamroller. This year I failed a lot, so I’ve learned a lot. In 2015, I learned about all of the technology that has to play nice with each other so that I can deliver value to you. I trusted, and so I was sold, technology and consulting that not only did not serve my needs but it caused me:

The valuable lesson that I learned was to always trust my gut and to hire slowly and to fire quickly. That’s a lesson for you. The good news is that I have found a more stable and simpler systems and support. Out with the bad and in with the new in 2016. To pursue my mission of slaying the “starving artist” slur, I need to master 16 realms of technology. I’m not counting any of all of the technology required to create the content, like Adobe Creative Suite. So that I can deliver on-line education to artists all over the globe, 24/7, 365 days a year, 16 realms of tech must shake hands. The good news! It’s almost all untangled.

  1. Email service provider that allows you to tag contacts and create rules.
  2. Learning management system (LMS)
  3. Online cash register.
  4. Membership management system.
  5. Word Press.
  6. Sales pages.
  7. Affiliate functionality.
  8. Webinar platform.
  9. Video and audio hosting.
  10. Video-editing tool.
  11. Video production.
  12. On-line advertising.
  13. Web hosting company.
  14. Merchant credit.
  15. Merchant accounts.
  16. Payment gateway.
  17. Reliable and honest expert help.

If you’re wondering if I’m eager to get back to my own art. Yes I am! And that is what I aim to do in 2016!  

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