course for artists to learn business skills

Course 3. Valuing

Objective: Students learn how they can find their niche by cracking their 4-Part Code.

Do you know your market niche?

Even if you’ve been selling your art for years you can still be unclear on what type of people want to buy their art and why.

If you don’t know who wants to buy your art and why then:

They didn’t teach me in art school how to identify my niche.

I didn’t even know what a market niche was.

I didn’t help that the thought of marketing, selling, and business made me cringe.

Then I realized why.

Artists don’t sell “goods or services.

Our “product” is emotion.

When I was an art history tutor I was searching for a clear understanding of why one artist was famous and another not.

I had cracked a code by reverse engineering it.

The 4-Part Code is your:
1. Why, your creative purpose.
2. What, your mission.
3. How, your unique value proposition.
4. Who, target market.

Where do you start to find your Why? The Valuing Course, one of eight courses in the MAKING Art Making MONEY program.
1. You determine your Why and resulting Mission.
2. You determine what clear value you can offer above and beyond your art.
3. Who has the problem worth solving and who will buy your art.

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By determining your Why, your creative purpose, you will:

By not knowing your Why you:

Graduates feel more self-directed, confident, and inspired because they have a clear sense of their creative purpose.

Is easy to sell your art?

We all know that it’s not.

Is it possible to sell your art?


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