Business Courses for Artists


Objective: Students how to how to find, engage, and celebrate their tribe.

How do you find people who will buy your art?

When I didn’t know how to find people to buy my art I sold some of my sell my art through art galleries.

However, I couldn’t develop a relationship with my collectors and gain referrals because the art galleries would not share my collector’s contact information.

Then I realized that I had an affluent market who I could serve.

I didn’t have to change my style, medium, or artistic genre.

I partnered with wineries in Napa Valley by painting their vineyards, selling them the reproductions, and selling the originals at wine tastings where I met their most affluent customers.

I gained national press attention for approach to selling my art.

How do you find people who want to buy your art?

You have to master the realm of Targeting, the fifth of eight courses in the MAKING Art Making MONEY program where you will:

  1. Start by quickly getting a physiographic profile of your best customers and prospects.
  2. Determine where and how you can connect with your tribe offline.
  3. Determine where and how you can connect with your tribe online.

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By knowing how to target your niche:

By not knowing how to target your niche you:

You will know if your are hitting your target market or not during your final Prototype Project because you must earn back your tuition investment, at a minimum, through the sale of your art.

Is easy to sell your art?

We all know that it’s not.

Is it possible to sell your art?


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