Business Courses for Artists

Course 7. Copyrighting

Objective: Students learn the value of inventorying and protecting their copyright as it could represent their most valuable current or future financial asset.

Why Does Copyright Matter To An Artist?

I get it. The idea of protecting and leveraging your copyright can seem overwhelming and complicated.

In 2005, I fired the few art galleries that were representing me.

I was an unknown artist with no connections, moved to San Francisco. During my first year as a full-time artist, I sold $103,246 of my art.

More than 50% of those sales were reproductions. My copyright. My right to copy my art.

How do you copyright your art?

You have to master the realm of Copyrighting, the seventh of eight courses in the MAKING Art Making MONEY program where you will:

  1. Take an inventory of your art.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the copyright laws in your legal jurisdiction.
  3. Take appropriate steps to protect your copyright.

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By knowing how to copyright your art you will:

  1. protect your current income.
  2. protect your future income.
  3. defend your brand and reputation.

By not knowing how to copyright your art, others can:

  1. steal and profit from your art, your intellectual property.
  2. can damage your reputation as an artist.
  3. compromise your right to profit from your hard work.

To graduate you must determine the copyright laws that are applicable to you within your legal jurisdiction.

This process of protecting your copyright is empowering.

Is easy to sell your art?

We all know that it’s not.

Is it possible to sell your art?


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