Ann Rea

I will not try to sell you on applying to enroll in the Making Art Making Money program. Instead, I will simply tell you who this program is for and who it is not for.

Is it easy to sell your art? We all know that it’s not.

Is it possible? Absolutely!

But if you are looking to “get rich quick,” then look elsewhere. You’re not going to be “discovered,” and no one is coming to save you. You alone are responsible for your success.

If you are ready to help yourself then I am ready to help you.

Ann Rea

Who is this program is NOT for?

Who is the Making Art Making Money program NOT designed for?​

Artists who tend to whine and complain and or make excuses instead of just completing the lesson assignments so that they can learn a proven process.

Artists who have not yet sold their art and or do not possess basic computer literacy.

 Artists who are seeking representation or validation from “pay to play” art contests, juried shows, or vanity press features.

Artists who are unwilling to take a good, long, and honest look at themselves and their limiting beliefs. 

Artists who use deceptive or sleazy sales tactics.

Artists who are snobs, know it alls, competitive, dishonest, jealous, rude, mean, self-righteous, selfish, and or disrespectful. 

Artists who are too fragile to explore their own emotions.

Artists who are so skeptical that they can’t recognize and or accept opportunities and people who can and who want to help them succeed.

Who is this program is designed for?

Who is the Making Art Making Money program is designed for?​

Artists who have sold their art, want to sell more, and understand that successful artists are not “discovered.”

Artists who want to sell their art authentically and organically.

Artists who are friendly, coachable, and co-operative and who are willing to trust the process and trust themselves. 

Artists who take 100% complete responsibility for their success by investing in it with their time, money, and effort.

Artists who are willing and able to schedule two to three hours a week to learn a proven process.

Artists who are willing to work with Study Partners, of their choosing, to learn together, support one another, and gently hold each other accountable.

Artists who are emotionally prepared to express their true selves.

Artists who are willing to commit to graduating by earning back their tuition investment through the sale of their art, at a minimum, during their final project where they will determine their unique niche.