Ann Rea​

Dear Artist,

I wanted to make a living from my art, but sales weren’t consistent.
And yet I didn’t want to become a pushy salesperson.
I didn’t know how to find more collectors. I didn’t know my niche.
I lacked focus and confidence.
I tried business and marketing courses. But they only help sell goods or services.
An artist’s product is emotion.
I studied art history and luxury marketing.
Then I discovered four steps that all successful artists take. “The 4-Part Code©.”
In 2005, I fired my representatives and I sold $103,246 of my art during my first year as a full-time artist, without connections or support.
Much like today, during the 2008-2009 recession, over 50% of the art galleries in the United States closed.
I learned that the affluent make money in up and down markets, and they keep buying art.
I also learned that people who care about art, care about the artist. Not the middleman.
My collectors made introductions to other collectors, that my galleries would not.
Through referrals I gained about 80% more art sales and I kept 100% of the money.
After receiving national press attention, artists began asking for my help.
Then my intern graduated from the San Francisco Academy of Art with over $200,000 of debt.
She had no job prospects. Her father lost his job, and her mother passed away from cancer. 
I felt called to teach what I’d discovered. So I created the Making Art Making Money® program.
During the final project you’ll determine your niche.
You will sell your art or you won’t. But you’ll learn why you did and why you didn’t.
You won’t graduate until you’ve earned back your tuition investment through the sale of your art.
Is it easy to sell your art? We all know that it’s not.
Is it possible to sell your art? Absolutely!
If you would like to sell more art, without feeling like a sell-out, while paying zero in sales commissions, with the Making Art Making Money mentorship program and community, here’s the plan:
  1. Schedule an initial 10-minute application call. Click here
  2.  If it looks like I can help, we’ll schedule a 30-minute call to talk about possibly how.
  3. You’ll graduate by determining your niche and by selling enough of your art to cover your tuition.

Gain Community

  • Join a warm and welcoming community free of competition, jealousy, and snobbery.
  • Our global community includes 23 different types of established and emerging artists.
  • You’ll have several Study Partners of your choosing. So that you’ll have encouragement and accountability.

Experience Growth

  • If you are the average graduate, you’ll more than double your focus and confidence. Students apply proven techniques developed by noted Performance Psychologist Dr. George Pratt.

Have Certainty

You’ll have a 30-day money-back guarantee, as long as you complete the first of eight courses.

When you know your niche, you can sell 80% more art, on average, by way of referrals. And you will keep 100% of your money.

You can stop paying 50% or more in sales commissions.

Walk away from exclusivity agreements with galleries who aren’t earning their keep.

Please note. If you don’t know your niche, click here, to learn how much that’s costing you now.

  • You can do nothing. But if you do nothing, you’ll fail, guaranteed.
  • You can do some things. But if you only do some things, you’ll struggle. 
  • You can do the right things and not only survive, but thrive.
Ann Rea

Artist & Mentor

PS Looking for experienced insight? Borrow over 15 years of my practical experience in luxury marketing and sales by booking a phone consultation.

Ann Rea Artist and Mentor