Artist: Laura Lamm; Tonbridge, Kent, England

Question: What were you struggling with?

Laura Lam: I felt overwhelmed and confused because like a lot of creative people I’ve got a lot of talents, I actually can do a lot of things and I just was like I don’t know where to put my energy. That’s what I’d be saying to people all the time, I don’t know where to put my energy because it just was scattered.

Ann Rea: Yeah, yeah.

Laura Lam: And then the second one is the one that you, I mean they’re both the ones that you mentioned, it’s confidence. I really lost my confidence. I had some really big knock-backs that I felt like I can’t get back up off after this. Like, this is, you know, just really, and I do a lot of my own inner work and personal work anyway, like trying to combat these things, issues with my mental health, and something about this program, it just poof snapped through and it’s really lifted me out. I agree with you, the study part of the thing’s amazing because it holds you accountable, as well because I’ve got some sessions booked in with other people and we’ve talked about what we’re doing and I wanna show up for them.

Question: Have you tested your comfort zone?

Laura Lam: Some of the things you asked to do they challenge me and I think, oh, I don’t wanna do it. Like the one where you have to interview the people and ask them what their top two challenges were.

Question: Why must you know your customer?

Laura Lam: When I got that on the course, I thought, ugh. You know what,  I wonder if I can just skip this bit? I was like, no Laura, you signed up–

Ann Rea: Yeah, but if you read some of the Facebook comments or hear some of the other interviews with students who did it, they’re like, “Oh my God, I’m glad I did it.”

Laura Lam: Yeah, well I’ve spoken to three people and everyone said amazing things that have been so useful to me.

Ann Rea: Yeah.

Laura Lam: It’s so incredibly useful.

Ann Rea: Isn’t it?

Laura Lam: Yeah, I was surprised, I thought I knew what people’s challenges were.

Ann Rea: Oh yeah, artists wanna sell art, right? That’s their problem. Not, not, not their problem. Their problem, their top two challenges were that they feel that they don’t know, they don’t have enough focus and they don’t have enough self-confidence and without that feedback, I would’ve never asked my friend Dr. Pratt to be part of the whole program.

Laura Lam: Yeah.

Ann Rea: Because I knew that he could help with those top two challenges quickly. Like he could quickly, with his years, decades and decades of experience and expertise, so, I said hey do you mind, would you be part of this program? And he’s like, “Oh, I’d love to. “I’d be happy to support you.” And so that’s as direct result of me asking artists what their top two challenges were and not relying on my assumption.

Question: Why must artists have self-confidence and focus ?

Ann Rea: You have more self-confidence, you have more focus, what’s gonna happen? You’re gonna sell more art.

Laura Lam: Yeah, well those were the two problems I arrived with.

Ann Rea: Right?

Laura Lam: And, yeah, through the studying and through these, I love those morning exercises. Really powerful. There’s a shift, things are different. I feel more confident in myself. Even just doing these interviews the last couple of days and ringing people and ask the questions, and they ask me, “Oh, what’s this course you’re doing? “And what are you doing?” And I felt so happy to talk about myself and my projects. Whereas before I was apologizing for myself–

Ann Rea: Yes!

Laura Lam: Yeah.

Ann Rea: Different, isn’t it?

Laura Lam: Exactly. Yes, so really, thank you so much.

Question: You can trust your own authority.

Laura Lam:I loved that speaking from your higher self. I did, I was speaking for my higher self and then crying at the same time, ’cause I was like, whoa!

Ann Rea: Which part am I?

Laura Lam: Help, I’m coming out with, it’s gold.

Question: We can all find our purpose.

Laura Lam: In some of your interviews and things I’ve heard you saying about when people discover their why, it was there all along. And when I’m doing this, I’m covering work. It’s just like, oh, it’s so clear obviously now. I know what I’m doing. Obviously I already knew, but, it was, you know, through my own, you know, being down on myself. Doubting myself and I think as artists you have to be rally resilient ’cause you get a lot of knock-backs and I had a few too many in a row and I started throwing a pity party for myself and because I didn’t have the support, a lot of my friends have more regular jobs, it was hard to get the right support. You know, everyone was just saying, “Laura, isn’t it time you just pack it in?” And I was ready to pack it in. I’m thinking, I’m gonna train as a yoga teacher and just not do my music anymore because I can’t, I can’t do anymore pain. You know, I was like, I can’t, I’ll just suck it off and do something else.

Ann Rea: Right.

Laura Lam: But this has woken me up, I feel so clear about my mission.

Question: What’s it like to know your mission?

Laura Lam: I feel awake, I feel like I just woke back up. It’s like I’ve been slapped around the face, like whoa! It’s like, I feel alive again, it’s great! You get to do a big slap around the face, yeah.

Ann Rea: In a loving way.

Laura Lam: In a loving slap.

Question: What’s changed?

Laura Lam:Feeling confident in myself. I feel like I’m so boring, I’m just answering like what you want me to say.

Ann Rea: No, no I really wanted to know like what’s–

Laura Lam: No, no, I know, but it’s, you know and it’s like, it’s just so typical of everyone who’s doing your program, but I feel so much more confident and it’s just rippling over into other areas of my life. Like I’ve realized where I’ve been a bit down or shot myself off. So I’ve been, you know, last week I went to a live drawing class, this week I’m gonna go to a choir. You know, it’s given me a confidence to sort of get out and about again and confidence to work with my projects.

Question: What else has changed?

Laura Lam: Faith, because I know I’ve seen the results already from my dedication from how I feel and the results I’m getting back from when I speak to people and from my study partner, so I have faith that this is all working out and I feel like my plan is coming together and I feel so good about my plan. And everyday when I look at it and I’m refining things, I just feel, yeah, as well as like having rational thoughts, it’s more that I actually just feel good about what I’m creating.

Question: What you have told yourself ten years ago?

Laura Lam: Your music comes from a really pure place and a really pure place of self-expression, and it’s really powerful and don’t get distracted by the music industry and all the bullshit.

Ann Rea: Yeah, you can say bullshit.

Laura Lam: Bullshit!

Ann Rea: Bullshit!

Laura Lam: Don’t get distracted by all the bullshit and focus on honing your gift and bringing it to the world. And it is going to work out, because if you dedicate yourself, it has to.

Question: What was your misconception about being a successful artist?

Laura Lam:Someone else is gonna do it for me.

Ann Rea: Ah, it’s a huge one.

Laura Lam: Yeah, you know, the someone’s gonna discover me and I’m just gonna you know be shot into stardom because, you know, I’m so great, and like if I rather than me actually having to go out and get it. And I think it’s basically fear in another suit. Oh, someone will come and find me so I don’t have to put myself out there.

Question: What’s another misconception?

Laura Lam:But you have to be at the top, top, top of the pyramid that you gotta be Beyonce or Jay Z or Damien Hurst, or some other famous artist, but you know, you’ve got to be right at the top to make it, to live a successful life.

Ann Rea: Yes.

Laura Lam: But actually, that’s crap because there’s a whole, there’s a whole spectrum and there’s so many other opportunities and I think that’s scarcity thinking. You know, thinking, oh, only a few people can crack through, so I might not as well even try because, you know, percentage-wise it’s a lottery and I’m, you know, never gonna get to those high heights.

Question: What stopped you from applying?

Laura Lam: I was thinking, oh, it’s a big investment and you know, feeling stressed about money, it’s like this is the last thing I should be doing, you know, spending more money. ‘Cause you know, artists spend a lot of money on producing their things, don’t they?

Ann Rea: Yeah, they do.

Laura Lam: I think that was the big thing that stopped me, so.

Question: Is the program worth it?

Laura Lam:And this is worth it.

Ann Rea: Thank you.

Laura Lam: I feel like it’s worth it so far, I could just stop it now and then feel like, oh, well, I got my money’s worth, but I’m not really gonna do that, I’m gonna carry on, but.

Question: Should other artists apply?

Laura Lam: The best time is now. I’ve discovered your course December last year and I would’ve saved a lot of misery and a lot of stress if I’d have signed up back then. You know, I wish I could go rewind the clock and have signed up back then. This is a powerful program and if you’re feeling, ’cause if you’re feeling down in the dumps, like, if you’re feeling pretty warned down, by your attempts at making a career from your art, why not give this a shot because you’ve seen all the other stories, I’m telling you my story about how I feel and I can’t wait in a few months to tell you my success story of what I’ve done because I know it’s gonna work. So just do it, just bloody do it! Sign up now!

Question: What am I like as a mentor?

Laura Lam: I can just feel your authenticity so much and that you really do care and that’s what’s so nice. And I like your firmness as well, you know, that you’re not letting things slide because that’s not helpful.

Ann Rea:  It’s not helpful!

Laura Lam: No, you know, it just shines through everything you do that you really care and as well, because, especially hearing your story and what you’ve been through. You’ve been through the same thing that we’re all going through. I just thing it’s the best thing ever. It’s, you know, the hero’s journey, to come out the other side and then to help the other people out the hole. And that’s what you’re doing. Ann I did it ah, help!

Question: What else would you say about the program?

Laura Lam: Yeah, I just can’t believe the transformation in such a short time and I’m so grateful because I know that this isn’t easy work for you. You work hard on this and you dedicate yourself a lot. And I’m so grateful that you’re doing that because what you’re doing is spreading a massive ripple. You don’t even know how far your ripple travels because when, you know, all these artists that are popping up and then spreading out ripples is like, it’s powerful work you’re doing and I’m so grateful, so thank you.

Ann Rea: Everyone look at her new hair. Nothing like a new do. You know when you’re changing, when you have a new do.

Laura Lam: Oh yeah, definitely.


Someday Is Today

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  1. Nice to hear about someone who is excited about their craft again and finding their purpose. I have been wanting to sign up for a long time but have not been able to because of spouse and financial situation. Hopefully soon.

    1. I understand.

      Here’s what I did when I was in a similar financial position:

      And here’s what a number of my student’s have done to raise more than enough funds to cover their tuition.

      On a scale of 1 to 10, graduates triple their levels of self-confidence and focus from about a 2.5 to 8.

      Please note. To graduate students must earn back their tuition investment, at a minimum, through the sale of their art during the final Prototype Project.

      When you are prepared to enroll, I invite you to schedule an application call here:

      PS You do not need a “body of work” to enroll.

      PPS Tuition will be increasing.



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