I’ve got an invitation for you

Since April 14, 2016, I’ve spent most of my time building the Making Art Making Money program, helping artists like you thrive by taking their power back from the scarcity and permission-based art establishment, and growing our warm, welcoming, and savvy global community, including 23 different types of established and emerging artists and artisans from […]

Do artists even need other artists?

Artists: Laura Lamn and Suzanne Fossey; Royal Tunbridge Wells, England QUESTION:                         What were your challenges? Suzanne Fossey:               For me, it was focus. Flexing my time, prioritizing my time and confidence. Laura Lamn:                        Yeah, confidence. Suzanne Fossey:               It’s interesting because I’ve managed to run a business, a creative business for the last 17 years. QUESTION:                         What […]

How can artists feel more worthy?

Artist: Robin Wellner; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA QUESTION: What were your challenges? Robin Wellner: One was defining my real direction with my artwork. QUESTION: What was your other challenge? Robin Wellner: The other is just making it a more viable career, taking it to another level Ann Rea: Career? Is it a career? Robin Wellner: […]

Is there a market for fine art photography?

Photographer: Mark Stall; Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA QUESTION: What’s been your challenge? Mark Stall: I’ve really taken fine art photography sales very seriously, and I had success 15-20 years ago, like crazy, and I’m starting over. I’m in Florida now, we’ve been here since July, so I don’t have a lot of clues yet […]

Why do the top 42 art and design schools hate Ann Rea’s guts? :D

QUESTION: Artist and Mentor Ann Rea; San Francisco California, USA QUESTION: Who is Ann Rea? Ann Rea: Hi there, my name is Ann Rea and this is Rebel Ray and I’m the creator of the MAKING Art Making MONEY program, and I’m also an artist. I just wanted to say hello because usually what I […]