Should You Hire An Online Advertising Agency To Sell Your Art?

Nobody’s going to discover you. That’s just a myth. I don’t know where it came from, if it came from Hollywood movies thing. Yeah. Because it’s not going to happen. It has to come from your own hard work and your own stubbornness and your own refusal to quit. Katie Miranda Artist, Portland, Oregon Katie […]

How do you write an artist statement? DON’T

Artist: Lisa Tornatore; Chicago, Illinois, USA QUESTION:What has been your biggest take-away? Lisa Tornatore: My Why and my What are the biggest things. QUESTION: Why does your Mission matter? Lisa Tornatore: I think it definitely reflects a lot of the work that I do now and the work that I’m planning on doing with my […]

How Do You Write An Artist’s Statement? DON’T!

Artist: Jen Colombo; Stamford, Connecticut, USA QUESTION: What were your top two challenges? Jen Colombo: My top two challenges w ere; I really had no idea how to market my art. I had no idea how to find customers. I had been selling, but it was two people that I knew and it was more […]

Have You Ever Walked in an Art Collector’s Shoes?

Imagine. You walk into a shoe store. It’s a special shoe store filled with very fine, interesting, hand made shoes. Many of them are one of a kind. You’re just browsing. Looking for something really cool and handmade. You have a particular style and of course, shoe size, and you’re curious to see what this […]

The Artist Statement. Is it just Bull$hit?

Before I taught Kate Bradley how to sell her art, without feeling like a sell-out, she was trying desperately to sell her art through art galleries. Galleries insist that you write an artist statement. Here was Kate’s artist statement. My paintings combine the real and the abstract; flat planes of color juxtaposed with modeled, three-dimensional […]