Photographer: Mark Stall; Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA

QUESTION: What’s been your challenge?

Mark Stall: I’ve really taken fine art photography sales very seriously, and I had success 15-20 years ago, like crazy, and I’m starting over. I’m in Florida now, we’ve been here since July, so I don’t have a lot of clues yet for where I’m going to sell my work. How am I going to sell my photography again in a brand new state?

QUESTION: What’s your business experience?

Mark Stall: I’ve been a business owner for 35 years.

QUESTION: What now?

Mark Stall: Sincerely, your program came along, I’m not going to call it a miracle, but it came along at the right time because I’m ready to get in and to start doing my photography for the rest of my life.

QUESTION: Are you also learning from other students?

Mark Stall: Miabella in Texas, she’s got that knowledge now and she already explained to me the three different programs that she’s using to make it work for her. So I’m prepared to get it started again. I’ve had five study partners as far as the UK. And then lo and behold Maria came along and she’s right here in my city of Port Saint Lucie, and I immediately I said; hey, you’re in this program, do you want to meet? And she was totally open to it. And so when we talk we always start out talking about each other at first, and about her and the program and what she learned. And she in fact, again, kind of reiterated the fact that a lot of your students go back, go back again and redo certain things.

QUESTION: Will you earn your tuition through the sale of your art?

Mark Stall: I think I can do it. Again, it’s a little scary because it’s so new to me, but again I know that I’m going to go for it and I’m just a positive, optimistic guy and I’m going to make it happen.

QUESTION: Are you an introvert?

Mark Stall: I am a fairly emotional guy. I’ve always been, I’ve also been a fairly shy person in my life and then once I understood the subject that I was going to talk to people, give speeches or give classes on, it was much easier. So it feeds into the fact that at my age, it’s just so unbelievable that my dying passion is photography, and then to discover your program is just really very self fulfilling to know that I’ve got a chance to make this work and it all clicked. I mean, I moved and then I discovered your program and made the leap to do it, so I just feel like I have to succeed. There is no failure in it. The support of the people is really great. There’s a very close lady that I was friends with in my old city that I just discovered was in the program too, so she’s just a great person as a study partner as well. So again, just having the study partners and the motivation that you have to succeed and everything you’re teaching us about goal setting and everything. I just see it. My life was stagnant and up until that point, it’s really given me some new life and hope to do something with it. It’s exciting.

QUESTION: What’s your advice to photographers?

Mark Stall: You’ve got to work on it. I mean, you can create the art, but it is sales. I mean, it is salesmanship. Even understanding your 4-Part Code you still have to understand and practice it.

QUESTION: What else do photographers need to do?

Mark Stall: You’ve got to go forward and talk about your mission.

QUESTION: Did you have a mentor?

Mark Stall: You know what I never had, which I miss? I never had that mentor. I had an opportunity, I was in a studio of a photographer and he never mentored me. And after six months I said, I can’t do this anymore and I left. That mentor, would have changed my entire life. I may not be doing where I’m at right now, so I’ll never regret it, but yeah, I didn’t have that mentor that taught me the real skills that I had to teach myself. He didn’t teach me the mentorship that I know is what’s important and honing the skills of a photographer.

QUESTION: What challenges do photographers face?

Speaker 1: I don’t think that the general public takes it as seriously photography as an artist who can paint with a brush, you know? Then there’s this controversy among photographers. There are fine art photographers that say; oh, I only shoot film and you’re supposed to be impressed with that and I’m not because I shot film my whole beginning of my life, so I’m not impressed with that. I just think it’s not all art either. It’s not all photography. I think it’s economy.

QUESTION: What other challenges do photographers face?

Mark Stall: There is way too much photography in the world. The customer, the consumer often believes that they can do it. You know, they’ll see an image and they say; oh, we can do that. Don’t worry. We don’t need to buy that. We can do that ourselves. I think that’s happened a lot. I think it’s lost a lot. It’s been become so simple to create good images with your smartphone.

QUESTION: What’s changing?

Mark Stall: Opportunities are coming about just by us being a part of this. It’s exciting. It’s amazing what you did. I mean, sincerely, I’m really excited to be a part of this. It’s so fulfilling. It’s just given me something. It’s neat how opportunities do all of a sudden come about.

QUESTION: What’s different about this program?

Mark Stall: I think that you sincerely developed a program that has really got something going. You may have developed a program that hadn’t been thought of before. I mean, heck, they don’t even teach you how to run businesses in college or anything regarding that. They don’t even tell you how to get work, how to get that first job in college and here you’re teaching us something that you learned yourself and you’ve succeeded at.

QUESTION: What about skeptics?

Mark Stall: Right after I enrolled in your program, I went and looked at some of the reviews and the comments, and there was some guy that said; oh man, you’re just ripping us all off. It was just hilarious. Even then I didn’t buy it, I couldn’t buy this guy’s a attitude besides that I’ve seen your story. I mean, you had it tough.

QUESTION: Should other artists apply?

Mark Stall: The price point is quite affordable in reality.

QUESTION: How do you feel?

Mark Stall: I can’t wait to keep going. I can’t find enough time in the day to work on it between my business and this, but I’m doing it.

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